Hi there!

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Angela!

A food-loving Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Transformational Life Coach. My passion is to help others build their happiest and healthiest versions of themselves. After struggling with my own relationship with food, I decided to make it my life’s purpose to turn this passion into something bigger than myself. 

I’ve been where you are! I’ve tried them all, yo-yo‘ing from one fad diet to the next all while getting the same results… starving, tired, feeling disappointed in myself and hating my body for not looking the way I “think” it should look. But the diet wasn‘t the problem, it was my own view of myself and the conversations I was having internally, this was the moment I realized that it was my thoughts and my own inner dialog that needed to change, not my body. 

Your relationship with food and your body is like any other relationship… It requires compassion, trust and lots of Love! 

See what clients are saying…

“Almost my entire life, I've struggled with my relationship with my body. I've tried just about every diet and exercise plan out there. These were always quick fixes, but they caused my weight to yo-yo and reinforced the notion that there was something "wrong" with me. 

I  purchased the 4 Month Reboot course with no specific goal in mind. I didn't want to go on a diet. I didn't want to concentrate on losing weight. I didn't want to be coerced into making a change. The  4 Month Reboot course provided me with a safe space to be myself, free of expectations and judgement. This was a significant healing experience for me. 

With the support from Angela, I began to heal my relationship with food and with my body.”

- Allison

”I've tried a number of diets in the past with little or no success. That all changed when I began receiving lifestyle coaching through The Manzer Method. The 21-Day Clean Eating Program assisted me in making healthy food choices and meal plans. In five months, I lost 23 pounds. I've been able to keep the weight off  because I've developed new habits that have become a part of my daily routine. I know that the reason for my success is that this program teaches you how to create healthy habits for life!”

- Lisa